Finding Balance: The Wheel of Life Quiz

Happiness is all about finding the right balance for all of the important priorities in your life. The Wheel of Life is a great starter exercise to help you discover where your life is currently out of balance so you can focus your attention on the areas that may need some work. The tool is especially powerful because it’s a very simple, very visual snapshot of your current level of life satisfaction.

Wheel of Life

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Getting Started

The wheel contains 8 different sections that, together as a whole circle, can be taken to symbolize a whole life. For each section of the wheel, rate your current level of satisfaction right now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today — right now — what is your level of satisfaction.  The scale ranges from 0, meaning not satisfied at all, up through 10, which means you’re highly satisfied.

Evaluating Your Wheel

After you’ve rated each area, draw a single line that connects all of the dots to create an “inner circle”. Take a look at the new circle you’ve drawn. If this new circle were a tire wheel on your car, how bumpy would the ride be? How balanced does your wheel feel?

Note: It’s easy to fall into the judgment trap! Please remember that this isn’t a “scorecard” about whether your ratings are “high” or “low” (or “good” or “bad”). It’s not a performance measure and it’s not meant to indicate achievement of any kind. It’s simply a way oh highlighting to you your personal satisfaction levels.

Get to the Next Level

Now consider what your ideal level in each area of your life would be. Mark the “ideal” scores on your Wheel of Life in a different color pen and connect those dots as well. What do you notice? In which area(s) are you ready to make a change?

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