I believe that you’ll see amazing changes occur in your life through coaching and our relationship together. In fact, the reason I charge by the month is because I’m here to support you throughout the month, not just during the hours we are coaching. I ask for a three-month minimum commitment to ensure we have enough time to review the key tools in designing a life you LOVE and putting them into practice in your everyday life. I will be there when you hit the inevitable “enthusiasm dip” (just when the work gets hard… and interesting!). I’ll be there through the roller coaster ups and downs. I’ll be there for it all.

Every coaching package is a monthly package which includes:

  • Two scheduled 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Two spot coaching* sessions (as needed)
  • Unlimited email/text/messaging contact**
  • Interesting and related article, podcast, and book recommendations


Self-Discovery Package

Do you know the true purpose of your life? What your true passion is? What makes you happy? Through a variety of exercises and deep questions, you’ll uncover the answer to who you really are and what’s important to you.

Jumpstart Package

Are you making a big change/transition in your life? Gain the clarity and support you need to make this transition a positive one! We’ll work together to clear away your fears and insecurities around the change and help to build a solid foundation for your future that includes and welcomes these new changes.

Success Package

Are you ready to get to the next level of success? Do you want to take on a higher leadership role at work? Launch your own business? Do you want to improve in an on-going area of their life like parenting or sports competitions? We’ll work together to uncover self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your ultimate dreams.

Single Session Add-Ons (45 minutes of coaching)

I recommend single session add-ons for support during a particularly challenging time for you. Session scheduling is on an as-needed basis and I try to be “on-call” for unexpected emergencies as they occur.

Note: I generally do not offer single coaching sessions for new clients separate from packages because lasting change occurs over time. While you will (of course!) benefit from each and every single session, it’s the compilation of all of them together that will really change old habits and old mindsets.

Discovery Session

To kick off our coaching, we’ll have a (mandatory) two-hour Discovery Session where we lay the foundation for our coaching partnership. All future coaching session will be based on the overview, exercises and activities we do in the Discovery Session. We will review the coaching items we will be addressing over the coming months, including looking at your values, life purpose, your inner Captain & Crew and answer any questions you may have about the process.

The Discovery Session is in addition to our standard coaching contract and has a one-time fee.

When you’re ready and committed to reaching your full potential…

Schedule a FREE, no-obligation 30-minute info session with me to see how coaching can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

*Spot coaching is up to 15 minutes of coaching with little notice if something urgent comes up for you. This is dependent on my availability.
** Email/Messaging/text contact means that you are encouraged and welcomed to share with me about what you are experiencing, accomplishing, learning, doing, achieving and failing at. I do not coach via these methods but am here to support you during the full journey!