A Poem

I was sitting here writing a blog and this poem flowed out of me. I don’t know why — I didn’t sit down to write a poem — but I wrote it in one go and barely edited any of it. It just needed to be said, I guess. Do you ever use creativity to explore your thoughts and feelings? I found this one helped me to articulate what a tough time I’ve been having lately with feeling guilty about not helping other people enough and not making a big enough impact in the world. It sounds like I’m pretty out-of-balance with my values at the moment so 2017 is going to have to include a lot more helping.

Who am I?


I would never do that, I swore.

I could never be like that, I promised.

But here I am. Me. And just like that.


Mature, responsible me has to protect my self-interests;

My children. My family.

Don’t worry about others’ children, others’ family.

They can figure it out.

The world is bad.

War is bad.

Let’s just keep our heads down and separate ourselves.

We are not a part of them or that.


And yet, how can we be worlds apart

On the same continent.

In the same country.

On the same street.

We are neighbors, and we treat them as forgotten.

Look away, look down.

See through them.

If you don’t acknowledge, or you acknowledge but keep your distance,

Your safe world will stay.


Until it doesn’t.

And history tells us, it doesn’t.

It never does, and it never will.


So which me do I want to be?

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